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Chrysalis Academy is an independent, private institution registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. Chrysalis Academy is registered up to Grade 12 (Matric). The school has been in existence for 9 years and operates with an independent Board of advisors and administrators. Chrysalis Academy follows an adapted CAPS curriculum with additional acceleration programs for learners who are able to cope with a more demanding academic curriculum or an adjusted curriculum for those learners who need additional remediation and assistance. Individual Education Plans are implemented where it is deemed necessary for a particular learner or where there are large gaps in an individual learner’s academic background.

We endeavour to place learners back into mainstream education as far as possible. This being said, Chrysalis Academy only differs from traditional educational institutions in that it offers very small class sizes with a great deal of individual attention to learners. The classes do not exceed more than 8 learners per class. The teacher:learner ratio is 3 to 4 times less than that of a mainstream school. The school has successfully assisted learners with superior intelligence with accelerated programs as well as learners with a diverse range of remedial needs. We consider our school as truly inclusive.

Chrysalis Academy does not operate as an institution for Special Needs as all our learners need to be able to follow an academic program with set criteria as outlined by the GDE as well as organisations such as ISASA. Should a learner wish to write the IEB examinations in matric, this can be accommodated. As of 2020 Chrysalis Academy will also offer the international GED (US) curriculum and examinations.

Chrysalis Academy is able to offer a wide range of subjects depending on the demand for such in the Senior High School or FET phase – grades 10 to 12. (Please ask for this should you be interested)

The school views Music, Movement and Dance, Art, Design and Technology as well as sports as part of the scholastic program and strongly encourage involvement as many learners discover latent talents in this manner.

We employ qualified, experienced, SACE registered teachers who endeavour to support the learners in their care to the best of their abilities.

Each learner receives appropriate Remedial Therapy during the course of his/her school day in the classroom as lessons are taught. The small class sizes enable educators to spend time with each learner. A number of programs are available for working particularly with learners with ADD or ADHD as well as Auditory Processing problems, dyslexia or mere gaps in different learning areas.

A range of therapies are available for those learners who need Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Counselling as well as AIT, NLP, CBT and ILT. The educators and therapists work as a team and liaise with one another in order to form the best possible support system for the learner. We do try and limit therapies to that which is absolutely necessary and use medication only where a learner is unable to function adequately without it. Parents are welcome to use their own therapists where a long-standing relationship already exists with a therapist of their choice.

Chrysalis Academy avidly supports Neuroscientific approaches to learning as it is well-researched and considered highly successful as it enables a learner to benefit from permanent changes in the brain. Specific recommendations will be made for specific learners and their particular needs.

The school encourages therapies such as equine therapy and zoo therapy as the benefits have been clearly evident in our learners over the years. We are willing to accommodate a wide range of therapies as long as it is scientifically well documented and research is available that shows that a learner will benefit from such intervention. The School acts in the best interests of each learner in its care and will consult with each family as to their particular needs and budget.

We offer activities such as: athletics, swimming, cricket, soccer, hockey, horse riding, martial arts, ballet, Hip Hop, Drama, Chess, Creative technology, Arts and Crafts, Public speaking, Gentleman’s Club and Ladies’ Club as well as charitable support for various causes. The School has a number of outings during the course of the year as well as attendance at theatres and other events. Organized camps for particular age groups as well as Leadership Development for the older learners are arranged annually.

Chrysalis Academy has instituted a number of enjoyable family events during the course of the school year such as: Valentine’s Fun Day, Easter Bunny Hunt, Athletics Day and Swimming Gala at Crawford Schools, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Heritage Day, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Soccer Morning, Market Day and monthly Movies under the stars.

Chrysalis Academy lends financial support to certain qualifying families on a pre-determined set of criteria which are issued by the Board. We are a community school that endeavours to support the local population to the best of our ability as the school grows and develops.

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