• Chrysalis Academy Teachers

Chrysalis Academy Teachers

Chrysalis Academy employs qualified, skilled teachers to teach our learners and also offer extended tutoring and intensive remedial coaching in class on a daily basis. Many of our teachers are not only qualified as educators, but also as counsellors and in specific fields of psychology which enable them to better assist with a range of challenges.

Each learner receives appropriate Remedial Therapy during the course of his/her school day in the classroom as lessons are taught.  The small class sizes enable educators to spend time with each learner. A number of programmes are available for working particularly with learners with ADD or ADHD as well as Auditory Processing problems, dyslexia or mere gaps in different learning areas.

A range of therapies are available for those learners who need Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Counselling as well as AIT, NLP, CBT and ILT.  The educators and therapists work as a team and liaise with one another in order to form the best possible support system for the learner.