• Chrysalis Academy Mission

Chrysalis Academy Mission


  • Chrysalis Academy welcomes learners from diverse backgrounds and cultures as this exposure to differences, enrich and grow all our learners.
  • We teach tolerance and acceptance irrespective of the challenges that our learners face.
  • We consider each child as a creation of our Father in Heaven and, as such, embrace a Christian value system.
  • At the school we encourage learners to interact with nature and animals in order to foster a sense of responsibility and empathy with the environment.
  • The focus of the School is on the development of the individual within the group whilst fostering the social and emotional skills to relate to all cultures and views in a broader sense.
  • We endeavour to create humble, loving, tolerant and confident human beings who will go out into the world and contribute to the betterment of any community they may find themselves a part of.
  • Chrysalis Academy enables every learner to be productive and valuable citizens of our country.
  • Chrysalis Academy strives to empower each individual learner with the skills that he or she may require to make a success of life whether it be tertiary education, career-orientated apprenticeships or skills development.
  • By implementing a range of extra-curricular activities and sport we endeavour to develop learners holistically.