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our mission


  • Chrysalis Academy welcomes learners from diverse backgrounds and cultures as this exposure to differences, enrich and grow all our learners.
  • We teach tolerance and acceptance irrespective of the challenges that our learners face.
  • We consider each child as a creation of our Father in Heaven and, as such, embrace a Christian value system.
  • At the school we encourage learners to interact with nature and animals in order to foster a sense of responsibility and empathy with the environment.
  • The focus of the School is on the development of the individual within the group whilst fostering the social and emotional skills to relate to all cultures and views in a broader sense.
  • We endeavour to create humble, loving, tolerant and confident human beings who will go out into the world and contribute to the betterment of any community they may find themselves a part of.
  • Chrysalis Academy enables every learner to be productive and valuable citizens of our country.
  • Chrysalis Academy strives to empower each individual learner with the skills that he or she may require to make a success of life whether it be tertiary education, career-orientated apprenticeships or skills development.
  • By implementing a range of extra-curricular activities and sport we endeavour to develop learners holistically.

our mission


Chrysalis Academy employs qualified, skilled teachers to teach our learners and also offer extended tutoring and intensive remedial coaching on a daily basis. Many of our teachers are not only qualified as educators, but also as counsellors and in specific fields of psychology which enable them to better assist with a range of challenges.

Each learner receives appropriate Remedial Therapy during the course of his/her school day in the classroom as lessons are taught. The small class sizes enable educators to spend time with each learner. A number of programmes are available for working particularly with learners with ADD or ADHD as well as Auditory Processing problems, dyslexia or mere gaps in different learning areas.

A range of therapies are available for those learners who need Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Counselling as well as AIT, NLP, CBT and ILT. The educators and therapists work as a team and liaise with one another in order to form the best possible support system for the learner.

our mission

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